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You already know we’re smart thinking, happy people, right? Folks who think smart know that a path worth travelling deserves all the preparation possible. That’s exactly what we do with the Anakle Digital Internship Training.

This programme does not reduce you to food or coffee errands.

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We believe in wholesome learning comprising both listening and practising with a team of skilled and happy professionals. This is why the programme involves training sessions aimed at providing insights about different tools and techniques relevant to Digital Marketing - ranging from Content Writing and Social Media Management to Campaign Management, Creative Design, Digital Strategy and Client Service as well as rotation periods where each participant is required to work on different teams with experts specialised in these aspects of Digital Marketing.


The Forward by Anakle Digital Marketing Internship is recommended for driven, tech-savvy graduates with an interest in the digital marketing industry. Applicants must be willing to learn and more importantly, consistently improve on what they have learned. Ideal candidates should be proactive, enthusiastic, smart and hard-working.

We are looking for individuals with strong time management capabilities, with an ability to meet deadlines and an analytic mind ready to turn data to answers. To succeed at this programme, you must think critically about problems and take a data-driven approach to solving them.

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We believe that every member of the Anakle team is a representation of the Anakle culture so we train our Class to become part of our team of experts. The goal of the programme is to empower you with the skills you need to kickstart your Digital Marketing career. As a Forward by Anakle student, you’ll not only learn all aspects of Digital Marketing but also get to support real client projects. So when you graduate, you are the candidate that companies dream of hiring.

Outstanding participants are considered to have what it takes to be a valuable member of any marketing agency. So, while getting into the programme may seem taxing, the benefits are far-reaching and represent an important step towards launching your professional journey.

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Sometimes, we miss the best opportunities because of self-doubt. We tend to consider ourselves unsuitable before we have the opportunity to be considered. Regardless of where you came from, how you are, or how you wandered in here, you are welcome. If you read through this programme description with a belly full of excitement, we’re just as excited about you. You’ve gotta apply, though 😊

Our programme runs for 6 months, twice a year. You can apply at anytime, and you will be considered for the next cycle.